Thursday, July 20, 2017

{Energy Review} Jelly Belly Sport Beans

I found these at Dick's Sporting Goods and thought I'd give them a shot, because I love Jelly Bellys! I actually have a bit of a Jelly Belly addiction. Anyway I ate a bag of these before going for a run the other day and while they don't give you an immediate buzz, I found I didn't get as tired as I usually did. I was able to run farther than I usually did and added a longer than usual yoga stretch to the end. I was expecting a crash when these wore off, sort of like when you have a sugar buzz, but nope. I felt fine. 

As for taste they were actually a little too sweet. Flavor wise they are just like a normal Jelly Belly, but much sweeter and have a tart aftertaste. It's weird but not unpleasant. The Sport Beans are slightly larger than a normal Jelly Belly as well. 
Sport Bean on left; Regular Jelly Belly on Right
You get 1 oz in a bag which is around 15 beans, I like the bags because they are resealable. So if you only want a quick pick me up you could just pop a few and leave the rest for later. 
I can see these being great to eat while running, walking, or hiking, even kayaking. They're small, easily portable, no mess, and do what they say their going to. I'm definitely picking up some more when I go back to Dick's.

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