Monday, June 26, 2017

{Movie Review} Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

Led by Starfire, the Teen Titans – Beast Boy, Raven, Blue Beetle, Robin and the just-returned Nightwing – have built a cohesive team in their never-ending battle against evil but their newest teammate, the mysterious, and powerful, Terra, may be altering that dynamic. Meanwhile, an ancient evil – Brother Blood – has awakened, and familiar foe Deathstroke is lurking in the shadows, both waiting to pounce. Ultimately, the Teen Titans will need to battle their enemies and their own internal doubts to come together and overcome the malicious forces around them in this twisting tale of intrigue, adventure and deception.

Rating: PG 13
Genre:  Animation, Action, Adventure
Directed by: Sam Liu
Written by: Ernie Altbacker based upon Marv Wolfman and George Perez’s 1984 storyline from Tales of the New Teen Titans #42-44 and Teen Titans Annual #3.
Run Time: 1h 24min
Studio: Warner Bros. Animation

Review: I wound up watching this by myself as DK doesn't really like this arc with Terra and Deathstroke. I have to admit it kinda creeped me out a bit as well. While overall it wasn't bad, there were parts that made me a little uncomfortable. I would suggest a higher rating on this as there were a few thing I wouldn't want my 13yr seeing. Granted I'm sure there's worse out there but this had some things that were like umm, really.
The writing was well done, I love a good one liner and this was full of them. The animation was what I would expect from a DC/ WB production. The voice acting was good, and worked well with the animation.

Things I wasn't thrilled with: The whole skeevy Terra, Deathstroke relationship thing. Given the arc and knowing the story line I knew it was coming but I didn't expect her strutting around in lingerie throwing herself at Deathstroke.

I know it was in the comics, but come on, he's old enough to be her father... grandfather?! It was just creepy. Also giving the background offered, it was unneeded. It wasn't a pivotal plot point and could have been left out or just hinted at if they were that hung up on the original storyline.

Things I liked: On the flip side I liked how they expanded on Nightwing and Starfire's relationship. It was nice to see actual progression there not just shameless flirting. I have to admit my juvenile side even liked the innuendos here and there.

Conclusion: It was an ok movie, if a little anti-climatic.

Screenshots belong to Warner Bros. Animation

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