Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Final Episode of Grimm (Caution Spoilers!)

I've been a fan of the Grimm tv series since the very first season. I love anything that turns fairy tales into the dark twisted things they were originally. Grimm follows police detective Nick Burkhardt, as he discovers that he is descended from a long line of hunters called Grimms. Yup like the famous Grimm Brothers. He must fight against the mysterious creatures known as Wesen, which are part human, part animal. During the series he has to learn to come to terms with his ability to see these creatures. He befriends a Wesen named Monroe and with his help learns about this new world he's been tossed into. Over the coarse of the series he brings in his partner Hank, girlfriend Juliette, another Wesen Rosalee, colleague Sergeant Wu, and police captain Sean Renard. Together with his friends, he solves crimes and takes on monsters.
When I heard that the series had been canceled, I was sad. I mean this was an awesome series. Any time a beloved series is canceled, it's sad. To compound this the finale was seriously emotional for any long time fan. You grow to love the characters so when the writes do what they did, OMG!
Ok here come the spoilers so if you don't want to know stop reading right now.

They killed everybody, except the kids. Ok yeah at the end they pull a rabbit out of the hat and bam
everything's back to normal. Which leaves me feeling torn between happy and feeling a little jipped by the cop out. Yet they also left it open for more, should the series get picked back up. I'm getting ahead of myself. So in episode 12 they killed off Wu and Hank, I was like oh shit I see where this is going. Then they just kept offing the MC's and I wanted to cry. It's weird how you can get attached to fictional characters. So when Nick and Trubel along with Nick's dead mother and aunt kick the monsters butt, I was all yes. Even though I knew it was going to happen that way, ok not exactly that way but I figured they'd kick monster butt, and I knew they would figure out someway to make everyone come back.
Ok I didn't know but I suspected since it had been an MO on the show. I mean they killed Juliette and brought her back as Eve, and they killed Renard only to have him come back. Nick was offed several times over, and didn't croak. So I figured they would have to end the show on a high note, not with the entire cast murdered. As far as endings go this was an awesome one and while I'm sad the show ended at least it went out with a bang.

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