Geeky Recipes

So I'm kind of a not quite closet foodie. I love cooking although I don't really get to do it alot. The kids challenged me to create Nuka Cola Quantum and it kind of snowballed from there. I figured I could share my weird creations on here, as this blog is all about me having fun. Some of these are my own ideas, and some are suggestions from the kids. I try to use cheap and semi healthy ingredients when possible. If you would like to see a recipe based on a video game, book, tv show, cartoon or whatever leave me a note in the comments and I'll take a whack at it.

Already on the blog...
Video Games-
Blamco Mac & Cheese (FallOut 4)


TV Shows-


Coming Soon...
Yao Guai Roast (FallOut 4)
Butterscotch Cinnamon Pie (UnderTale)
Nuka Cola Quantum (FallOut 4)
Otiks Spiced Potatoes (DragonLance)
Nuka Cola Victory (FallOut 4)

In the Works...
Mirelurker Omelette (FallOut 4)
Deathclaw Omelette (FallOut 4)
Scooby Snacks
Beast Boy Burrito
Cybrog Burger
Sonic Chili Dog

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