Friday, July 7, 2017

Backseat Gamers

Backseat Gamer
1 adj. One who watches you play any video game, and tells you what to do while playing. When you lose they often blame it on you and call you a noob or mock you. From Urban Dictionary. 

I've been really into the FallOut games recently. It started with FallOut 3 and now FallOut New Vegas. I'm about a quarter of the way through 3 which is on the PC and I don't get to play very much. I just started New Vegas as I wanted to finish Dragon Age: Origins before I did. (Side note: I gave up on Dragon Age when it went all Game of Thrones on me.) The point is DK aka The Hubby has beaten 3 and almost beaten New Vegas. Which means at the best of times I have a walk through at my beck and call, and at worst a backseat gamer.
The thing is when I'm stuck or can't figure out what to do, it's nice to be able to ask him. Yet when I just want to do my own thing, it can be frustrating. There is also the problem that because I'm doing things at different levels of the game the outcome isn't always the same. Take the last quest I did, I
ended up having to kill some folks, and I wound up hated by the good guys. He goes when I did that quest they didn't care, what'd you do? I did what you told me to. At this point I was frustrated and told him I was joining the bad guys. So what did he do, took the game and "fixed" it so I wasn't wanted anymore. But honestly I just wanted to restart the game and play when he wasn't around. On the other hand I do have something like 20 plus hours invested in this game and it is kinda funny when he makes fun of things with me. I'll probably keep playing, even if his constant yelling "shoot, shoot. Get that guy, and don't forget to loot the bodies." Get's annoying at times. But hey what do you expect when you're married to someone just as geeky as you are.

Screenshots from FallOut New Vegas

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