Friday, May 5, 2017

{DIY} Mini First Aid Kit for Running or Day Hiking

For awhile DK and I were big on the Survival kick, one of the big things in they talk about is these EDC (Everyday Carry) Altoid kits. People put all sorts of things in these things, but I find they are perfect for first aid kits. Now with all the different sized mint tins out there you can make any size kit you want. I always carry one in my purse but also have one that will fit in my running belt and one in my day hiking pack. Having two little ones who have a habit of tripping this has been a lifesaver more than once. Anyway I thought I'd share how to make one with you.

First your going to need a container. Here are three suggestions, but you can pick any that will work for you.

I've found the plastic gum container will hold more but they also break easily. The Altoids tin takes some finesse to pack but are more resilient and fit into a smaller space. The Mentos tin works great for my running belt, but only holds the bare minimum of stuff.

It actually fits rather comfortably right in the pocket.

Next you'll need your supplies... Here's what I carry, but you can put in whatever you think you'll need.

I have multiple band aids in different sizes, a couple quick wipes, alcohol pads, some insect sting relief, ginger chews, antihistamine cream, eye glass cleaning cloths, an emery board, finger nail clippers, a pair of fold-able scissor, and a small pocket knife.
Once you have decided on what you want to put the kits just pack them.

So what do you carry when running or hiking?

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